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 MyProtein diet whey - cookies and cream

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PostSubject: MyProtein diet whey - cookies and cream   Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:10 pm

To start with I would like to commend MyProtein on their pricing of their protein powders and the delivery speed. The Protein itself had a great flavor but I found that the protein had smaller grainy parts to it that did not dissolve with the rest of the powder. These bits then become slightly claggy and then tend to get stuck to the sides of the bottle. These grainy parts also make the drinking of the protein slightly less satisfying as the small bits tickle your throat on the way down. Although I've been using this protein for a while I'm not entirely sure that I would buy the same flavor but I really liked the low calorie High protein ratio. Cant fault the packaging or presentation.
All in all, a very reasonably priced protein, tasted pretty good, but was let down by the floating particles that didn't dissolve. Much better with milk Smile
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MyProtein diet whey - cookies and cream
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