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Noob's Gym is the forum for people new to weightlifting and fitness, where beginners can connect and draw from the knowledge of the expanding fitness community
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 About Noob's Gym

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PostSubject: About Noob's Gym   Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:46 pm

Hey guys, this is my first forum, I'm really trying to get a small community going made up of fellow bodybuilders who want to help beginners and pass on their advice to Gym Noobs. The forum is still in its early days, but appreciate all feedback that you guys have, and ill try and address these issues. Hopefully we can make this something that the fitness community can be proud of where bodybuilders of all levels and communicate and develop the fitness community.
I have another forum at

Let's make some Gains cheers cheers Razz
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About Noob's Gym
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